BEIRUT: The U.S.-led international coalition formed to attack ISIS in Iraq and Syria is a lie, Progressive Socialist Party head Walid Jumblatt said Monday, arguing that the coalition is a part of a conspiracy aimed at undermining the Arab world.
“The policy of fueling hatred between sects raises questions over the lie that is the so-called international coalition to fight terrorism,” Jumblatt wrote in a column in his weekly Al-Anbaa newspaper.
According to the PSP chief, the Arab world began to regress with the launch of a calculated conspiracy to undermine the Arab world.
This conspiracy scheme kicked off with the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and continued with the fragmentation of Syria which, Jumblatt argued, was carried out in order to protect Israel.
These events are not merely an accident nor an accumulation of fleeting events, he said.
He argued that they were all a part of the one conspiracy that seeks to “fragment, divide and destroy” the foundations of nationalist entities in the Arab world.
The PSP leader said that in light of sectarian and ethnic wars facing the region, “it has become more useful than ever to preserve memory and protect it from deterioration.”
The 1973 October War between Syria and Egypt on one side, and Israel on the other, is one of those memories that needs to be cherished, since it recalls an Egyptian-Syrian victory that busted the myth of Israel’s military invincibility, he added.