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IRGC Commander: Iran Growing into A World Power..

http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13930821000625IRGC Commander: Iran Growing into A World Power

TEHRAN (FNA)- Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Hossein Salami underlined enemies' failure in implementing their different plots against Iran, and said the country is now growing into a world power.

"Today, the regional Iran is turning into a global Iran," Salami said, addressing the Armed Forces officials in Tehran on Wednesday.

Stressing that the power balance has changed in Iran's interest by the important events which have happened in recent years, he said, "Iran's strategies gave us access to the enemy in the region and when the enemy entered our operational zone, its weak points became more obvious."

Salami said that the enemy wanted to cripple the Iranian society through sanctions, decrease the country's regional clout by political isolation and vacate the Iranian society and the Islamic Republic's energy by internal seditions but Tehran made their plots fall flat through understanding their strategies.

Also in similar remarks in October, Salami underlined that the US had lost its role as a main player in the Middle East due to Iran's stronger role and clout in the region.

“The US has become marginalized from a major player in the region and instead the Islamic Republic of Iran has become the sensitive region's most important administrator,” General Salami said, addressing a group of people in Isfahan city, Central Iran.

He pointed to the efforts by the arrogant powers to prevent the formation of new powers that went against their interests throughout history, and said, "They applied the most severe type of these measures in the case of Iran in the past three decades."

The IRGC commander reiterated that Iran had no fear of global powers, and said, "We have lined up our might in the face of their excessive demands.”

Προσέξτε τώρα λύπη και κλάμμα, και ελπίδες, οι αριστερο-ρεπουμπλικάνοι
ευρω-αριστεροί "δυτικιστές" αντι-Ιρανοί αντι-Σιίτες αντι-Ρώσσοι τύπου MESOP..
Να μην στεναχωριούνται όμως οι άνθρωποι! Όταν βγούν στις εκλογές οι Ρεπουμπλικάνοι στις Η.Π.Α ή ίσως η Χίλαρυ Κλίντον θα επιστρέψει η πολιτική των Η.Π.Α στην αμιγή και "καθαρή" της πηγή, χωρίς τις "αμφιθυμίες" και τις παλινωδίες της κυβέρνησης Ομπάμα: Την υποστήριξη των Φονταμενταλιστών, των Τακφίρι, των ακροδεξιών στο Ισραήλ, και την προετοιμασία για έναν παγκόσμιο πόλεμο "χαμηλής έντασης" στις πρωην Σοβιετικές δημοκρατίες, την Μεσοποταμία, και το Ιράν. Τότε και οι "αυτόνομοι", τροτσκιστές, και αυτονομο-αριστεριστές και αυτονομο-φιλελεύθεροι θα αισθανθούν βρε παιδί μου μια κάποια ιδεολογική αποκατάσταση..

Ο Ομπάμα στρώνει το χαλάκι για την επόμενη ρεπουμπλικανική (ακροδεξιά) διοίκηση των Η.Π.Α (χαρά οι "ευρω-αυτονόμοι")


Obama now admits Assad MUST go before ISIS can be defeated: President plans to focus on Syria and ousting brutal dictator as he tries to beat back terror group

By Joel Christie for The Mailonline – Daily mail UK –  13 November 2014 | – Last month he said that an ‘Iraq first’ attack was the best means to combat ISIS, but Obama has reportedly developed a new strategy to defeat the al Qaeda splinter group – starting with the removal of Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

Senior White House officials have told CNN that the national security team has met four times, including one meeting chaired by Obama, to orchestrate the new strategy.The U.S. and many of its allies see President Assad as the reason ISIS have been able to gain strength in Syria.Obama’s initial approach was to fight ISIS on the ground in Iraq while the government put together their own rebel force that could go after the group.However the White House has subsequently run out of time, CNN reported.
‘The long running Syria problem is now compounded by the reality that to genuinely defeat (ISIS), we need not only a defeat in Iraq but a defeat in Syria,’ the senior sources told CNN.
‘Developments on the ground have caused the national security team to collectively conclude we may not have time for Iraq first.’In an ideal world you would drive (ISIS) out of Iraq and pivot to Syria.Democrats may take Keystone XL Pipeline vote in lame-duck… Full Committee Hearing: U.S. Government Response: Fighting Ebola and Protecting America ‘He has no actual authority’: GOP senator asks hearing…
‘But if by then the moderate opposition has been smacked and (ISIS) is still there, that doesn’t help.’
Embarrassingly, Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby told CNN that the U.S. have not yet started preparing their Syrian opposition fighters, despite announcing the plan four months ago.The plan asked Congress for $500 million to train and equip the 5,000 vetted rebels over the space of one year – but nothing has been done.
‘The vetting hasn’t started,’ Admirable Kirby said.
Senate Foreign Relations Committee discuss Islamic State
Threats: ISIS have released videos showing the deaths of captives such as James Foley, pictured above. They have been exclusively from the United Kingdom and the U.S. – whose governments do not pay ransoms
Threats: ISIS have released videos showing the deaths of captives such as James Foley, pictured above. They have been exclusively from the United Kingdom and the U.S. – whose governments do not pay ransoms
‘Once it does start, that will be about a three-to-five-month process and then it’s about 8-9 months of training after that.’
‘So we still got a ways to go.’
The Washington Post reports that Obama’s turnaround comes after Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel sent a private memo to Susan Rice detailing his reservations about the President’s handle on Syria and Iraq. Secretary of State John Kerry and other officials have also questioned the plan. 
ISIS hopes to to create an Islamic state across Sunni areas of and are known for public execution-style killings.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2832524/Obama-admits-initial-ISIS-strategy-wrong-develops-new-plan-defeat-President-Assad-first.html#ixzz3IywfxRyy


Shi’ization Of Syria: In Damascus, Unprecedentedly Extensive Observance Of The ‘Ashura

MESOP : MEMRI Inquiry and Analysis No. 1131

By: N. Mozes* – Introduction : According to a Syrian opposition website, on the ‘Ashura, which this year occurred in early November, “the streets of Damascus, the ‘Umayyad capital,’ were filled with Shi’ite sights and self-flagellation rituals.” While this is not the first year that Shi’ite believers have observed the ‘Ashura in Damascus, where the shrine of Ali’s daughter Sayyida Zainab, a Shi’ite pilgrimage site, is located, the ceremonies were not, as in previous years, limited to the predominantly Shi’ite areas of the city, such as the Al-Amin neighborhood and adjacent to the shrine of Zainab. This year, the ceremonies took place on an unprecedented scale, with more participants and extending across greater areas of the city – even to Damascus’s Umayyad Mosque, the symbol of the 661-750 CE rule of the Umayyad dynasty in Damascus, which was the bitter foe of the Shi’ites.

These wide-scale ‘Ashura ceremonies in Damascus, four years into a bloody sectarian war, constitute a show of force by the Alawite regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and its Shi’ite allies. They also signal to the regime’s opponents both within and outside Syria that the regime is confident of victory. To these opponents, the widespread Shi’ite ceremonies represent another phase in the process of the Shi’ization of Syria, which is happening with the consent, and even under the direction, of the regime, and which has accelerated since the beginning of the civil war in March 2011.
This paper will discuss this year’s ‘Ashura ceremonies in Damascus, and reactions to them and to the regime’s reported attempts to spread and strengthen the Shi’a in Syria.
Unprecedentedly Widespread Observance Of The ‘Ashura In Damascus
An Iraqi news agency reporting on the extensive ‘Ashura ceremonies in Damascus noted:  “This year there was significant [pilgrim] movement [in the city], unlike in the last three years, when there was vulnerability in the security situation. As security conditions stabilized, and the situation was again like it had been previously, the area of the Sayyida Zainab [shrine] in Damascus Rif governorate again thronged with residents and pilgrims from inside and outside Syria.”
Muhammad, a young man who volunteered to assist the pilgrims, attested: “This year is much better than the previous year in terms of preparations and success. Previously, it was difficult for the pilgrims and for the area’s residents; the mortar shells fell near the shrine. [But] now we live in security.”
Abu Ali, owner of a shop next to the Sayyida Zainab shrine, said: “These days, there are many pilgrims and visitors in the area of Al-Sayyida Zeinab. After the entire region was secured, pilgrims began arriving from neighboring countries such as Iraq and Lebanon. This stimulates the economy…”
However, some, both inside and outside Syria, are less pleased at these Shi’ite sights. Syrian author ‘Abdallah Maksur wrote on a Syrian opposition website that the fact that the regime permitted such widespread ‘Ashura ceremonies in Damascus itself, the capital of the Umayyad dynasty, exposed the regime’s sectarian face and showed that it intended to completely change the city’s characteristics and transform it into a Shi’ite city. He said: “With the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, the regime began to reveal its filthy sectarian face… that was previously concealed, in the city’s streets and institutions. Today, the Shi’ite (and ‘Alawite) dialect can be heard in the streets of Damascus, because of a desire to transform the city’s comely face and to pursue the racist policy that Damascus had in centuries past completely rejected.
“Across the city, there were self-flagellation processions, and calls that do not belong in [Damascus] were forced on it. I can understand if in Lebanon a sign saying in Farsi Khosh Omadi ['Welcome'] is raised in honor of Iran’s former president Ahmadinejad [during his 2010 visit to Lebanon], but I cannot not imagine [such] a provocation against the residents of an entire city, aimed at uprooting them from their [heritage] and changing their identity. It is as if the regime is saying, ‘Damascus is Safavid, not Umayyad and its residents will be Shi’ite and ‘Alawite, and you, its [current] residents, are strangers in it – so you must swiftly go into exile.’”
Warning the Sunni countries that are silent in the face of this Shi’ization, Maksur states: “The mentality in the Arab arena that consents to the change of the face of Damascus is, at the very least, incomprehensible. Do they not realize that changing the flag that flies in Syria means that everyone is falling into Tehran’s hands[?]… Damascus is the capital of the Ummayads and of the culture of the world. This is our city, and we, its residents, speak in a dialect that is like its stones. Damascus is Umayyad, not Safavid…”
Damascus resident Huda voiced apprehension that the cruelty reflected in the Shi’ite custom of self-flagellation to the point of bloodshed in ‘Ashura ceremonies would be channeled against Syrians who dared to oppose the Shi’ites: “The streets of Damascus are filled with people who are not like us, and with the black vehicles of clerics and politicians for whom these people cleared the streets. Even the smells are alien. The scent of blood permeates the place – as if the blood of the dead and of the war was not enough. We have now among us those who invent religious ceremonies with unfamiliar sights… as if to intimidate you with them… There is no doubt that these bloody sights that fill the streets of the capital Damascus signal to its residents tremendous cruelty. Who can say a thing when he sees an Iranian [i.e. a Shi'ite] flagellating himself outside his house?”

Additional Manifestations Of Syria’s Shi’ization
Regime opponents believe that the extent of the ‘Ashura ceremonies in the capital is but another expression of the Shi’ization process that not only has the Assad regime’s blessing but was promoted by it even before the civil war broke out in March 2011. The regime’s aim in this is both to reinforce its position within Syria and to reward Iran for its support of it. Read Full Report http://www.memri.org/report/en/0/0/0/0/0/0/8217.htm

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