Turkish state forces that keep Nusaybin’s Xerabê Bava village under a siege and aggression for 15 days now have detained dozens of people and tortured them in custody.

One of the detained residents is Ribhet Bayhan who was held in custody for 12 days. 
Speaking to ANF, Bayhan told that he witnessed the state forces’ torture of his brother Sabri Bayhan and other residents Şükrü Koçhan and Abdi Aykut.
Ribhet Bayhan pointed out that state forces perpetrated a huge savagery in the village, telling the followings: “A large military force came and laid siege on the village. 
As of the second day, they launched a major aggression which was a terrifying savagery suffered by the villagers, mainly by children and women. 
We were subjected to insult and torture. 
Words cannot express what we have been through. 
Our children did not stop crying for a while.”
Bayhan told that on the third day of the siege, state forces raided houses and detained 13 people, including him himself, and that this was followed by more detainments during the following days.
Bayhan continued: “We 13 people were kept in a cell which was very cold. 
They continuously insulted us and tortured us physically. My brother Sabri and another resident, Şükrü Koçhan were severely tortured. 
I am a witness of the torture they have suffered.”
Bayhan said he also witnessed the torture of Abdi Aykut, a photo of whom emerged a few days ago, showing the face of the old man after the torture. 
Beyhan stated that Aykut was also tortured heavily, and was hospitalized after feeling faint during the torture.”
Ribhet Bayhan called on the Kurdish people to unite and stand against the ongoing siege and aggression on Xerabê Bava and Talatê villages of Mardin’s Nusaybin district.

Source: Firat News Agency