YJA-Star Shengal Command issued a written statement on the 3rd anniversary of the genocidal attacks on Shengal by ISIS and said the Êzîdî people overcame the genocide in the years past and started to build an autonomous life. The YJA-Star Command statement is as follows:

“On the 3rd anniversary of the 73rd genocide imposed upon the Êzîdî people by ISIS, with the struggle for a free and democratic life and the sacrificial spirit in the resistance by the Êzîdî women and Êzîdî people, we salute all the women who resisted the genocide in the spirit of Henna and all our martyred comrades in the spirit of comrades Berivan, Tekoşin Amed and Bawer. We promise to carry this struggle to victory with our oath for revenge and continue the struggle to create freedom developed by the blood of our martyrs until no women or children are enslaved and until a future is built with the free will of the Êzîdxan women on these lands where the mother goddesses reined.
“In the 3 years past, we have fought tooth and nail to defend the dignity of our people and our women against massacres and tragedies and to give them the place they deserve in history. The genocide imposed upon our women and our people in Shengal left marks in the memory of humanity that will never be erased. We as the YJA-Star, the organized defense force of freedom, say that forgetting this treason and this tragedy is being party to the cruelty. Those who put our people through this and who wish to continue still should know that it is our promise to all our martyrs and all women and children currently enslaved by ISIS to develop awareness and women’s organization and to turn the tragedy of the genocide into a stance of struggle against the massacre of women and a guarantee to create the victory of freedom.
“In the first year of the genocide, we as the freedom movement stopped the biggest massacre attack of the 21st century. We resisted breathless in the harshest conditions. In the first year, Shengal was liberated. Dozens of our comrade women were martyred for this cause. In the same year, the Êzidî women’s defense force YJŞ was founded. Its social force TAJÊ was organized. Now, under the leadership of women, a democratic autonomous system is being enacted. It is our duty and our promise to struggle shoulder to shoulder against those who see this genocide fit for Êzidî women and Êzidî people, organizing and getting stronger with the Êzidî women until the free future of these lands is created.”

Source: Firat News Agency